Prairie Albion: An English Settlement in Pioneer Illinois

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September 1999



Originally published in 1962, this story of the English Settlement in pioneer Illinois is compiled from the eyewitness accounts of the participants. The founders, Morris Birkbeck and George Flower, as well as their associates and the many visitors to their prairie settlement, wrote mainly for immediate and sometimes controversial ends. Charles Boewe has selected excerpts from letters, descriptions, diaries, histories, and periodicals within a chronological framework to emphasize the implicit drama of the settlers' deeds as they searched for a suitable site, founded their colony, and augmented their forces with new arrivals from England. No less dramatic is the subsequent estrangement of the two founders, the disillusionment of many of the English settlers, the untimely death of Birkbeck, and the financial ruin of Flower.


A native of Edwards County, Illinois, Charles Boewe taught at Syracuse University, the University of Wisconsin, Lehigh University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Later, during the course of sixteen years, he administered Fulbright exchange programs in Iran, Pakistan, and India. Now retired, he lives and writes in North Carolina.
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