Leadership on Demand: How Smart CEO's Tap Interim Management to Drive Revenue

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Februar 2008



Here's the first book to shed light on an alternative resource strategy: the use of Interim Management for Marketing and Sales functions. "Leadership on Demand" aims to debunk the two-headed myth that performance-robbing gaps in Sales and Marketing are business as usual and too expensive to fix. The revenue engine of any organization is its Marketing and Sales team. When the engine is in tune and firing on all cylinders the company grows, revenue climbs, market share expands. However, when there are gaps in the Marketing and Sales organization the engines performance sputters. What gaps? Vacancies in key positions that exist for months on end; temporary bandwidth gaps that prevent the company from jumping on market opportunities; and gaps in the necessary skill sets required to achieve key objectives. This book is written for the busy CEO or COO. Using executive interviews and case studies to both illustrate and punctuate their points, authors Besondy and Travis paint a clear and concise picture of the problems caused by talent gaps in Marketing and Sales, how to recognize the issues, and how to solve the issues with interim managers (also referred to as interim leaders, fractional managers, and on-demand executives). Performance gaps in Sales and Marketing rob your company of business momentum. And the sad truth is thousands of companies in the U.S. today consider the decline of performance as acceptable, or at least unavoidable.

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