Perspective Drawing and Applications

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Juni 2004



For introductory and advanced courses in Perspective Drawing, and Structural Drawing. It is of particular value in courses for illustrators and industrial and graphic designers, as well as architects and interior designers. Provides a concise, systematic, and comprehensive introduction to perspective drawing that motivates students with challenging workbook assignments and examples of practical applications of the concepts presented.


Introduction. 1. Materials and Procedures. 2. General Principles. 3. Types of Perspective. 4. One Point Perspective. 5. One Point Perspective Circles. 6. Two Point Perspective. 7. Perspective Measurement. 8. Auxiliary Vanishing Points. 9. Apparent Scale. 10. Two Point Perspective Grids. 11. Two Point Perspective Circles. 12. Compound Forms. 13. Figures in Perspective. 14. Reflections. 15. Shadows. 16. Sunlight Shadows. 17. Artificial Light Shadows. 18. Three Point Perspective. 19. Digital Drawing. 20. Portfolio Examples. Bibliography. Index. Illustration Credits.
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