Leadership, Gender and Culture in Education

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"This rich explorative book examines the intricacies of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and class and how these complex influences weave their patterns in the daily lives of leaders. It achieves the difficult balance between acknowledging differences as well as unifying elements. The book also raises many questions about the context for leadership and examines the central issues of: leadership for what? What are leaders there to do - and for whom? To ensure that students achieve higher examination scores, or to promote equity and social justice? This book offers many fresh insights into these and other important questions."
Professor Kathryn Riley, Institute of Education, University of LondonThis book features chapters by leading international scholars on gender and educational leadership. Drawing on research in schools in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the United States and Canada, it introduces new discussions about the impact of gender, race, class, institutional setting and recent ideologies on leadership discourses. The book shows how early research has over-emphasized gender stereotypes and tended to simplify and polarize the ways men and women lead.Looking at differences and similarities in how men and women take on and exercise leadership roles, the authors counter essentialist claims based on biological, psychological and sociological theories that stress gender difference. The discussions employ sophisticated understandings of gender relations and leadership discourses in today's globalized context. The book is for students and scholars studying leadership and for leaders in different educational contexts around the world.


John Collard (Australia)
Cecilia Reynolds (Canada) Part I : Leadership discourses and gender1. Negotiating and reconstructing gendered leadership discourses
Marian Court (New Zealand) 2. Does size matter: The interaction between principal gender, level of schooling and institutional scale in Australian schools
John Collard (Australia) 3. Gender and school leadership in Sweden
Anna Davis and Olof Johannson (Sweden) 4. Gender and School leadership discourses: A Swedish perspective
Karin Franzen (Sweden)Part II: Leadership practices amidst global and local change 5. Steel magnolias in velvet ghettoes: Female leaders in Australian girls' schools
John Collard (Australia) 6. Influences of the discourses of globalization on mentoring for gender equity and social justice in educational leadership
Margaret Grogan (USA) 7. Gender, leadership and change in faculties of education in three countries
Sandra Acker (Canada) Part III: Disrupting the normative discourse of leadership 8. Women performing the superintendency: Problematising the normative alignment of conceptions of power and constructions of gender
Cryss Brunner (USA)9. Leadership, embodiment and gender scripts: prom queens and chief executives
Cecilia Reynolds (Canada) 10. Transgressing heteronormativity in educational administration
James Koschoreck (USA) 11. Leadership and Aboriginal education in contemporary education
Marie Battiste (Canada)12. Bridge people: Leaders for social justice
Betty Merchant (USA) 13. The Emperor has no clothes: Professionalism, performativity and educational leadership in high risk postmodern times
Jill Blackmore (Australia) Conclusions & Implications: towards emergent theoretical perspectives on leadership, gender and culture
John Collard (Australia)
Cecilia Reynolds (Canada)


John Collard is the Head of Graduate Programs in the School of Education and Community Studies, University of Canberra, Australia. He has worked as a consultant to state and national governments in Australia. Prior to entering higher education he was a teacher of English and principal of a large multicultural secondary school. Cecilia Reynolds is Professor and Dean of the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and former Associate Dean at OISE, University of Toronto. Her recent publications include Women and School Leadership: International Perspectives (2002) and Equity and Globalization in Education (2002). Contributors: Sandra Acker, Marie Battiste, Jill Blackmore, Cryss Brunner, Marian Court, Anna Davies, Karin Franzen, Margaret Grogan, Olof Johansson, James Koschoreck, Betty Merchant
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