APL: Equal Opportunities for All?

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November 1993



Here, the authors explore practical ways of implementing APL for the benefit of individuals, employers and the community as a whole, showing how it can make a real contribution to equality of opportunity. Chapters look at the particular needs of various sectors of the community, and how APL can be used to meet those needs. For ethnic communities, those whose first language is not English, and those who arrive in Britain with qualifications from overseas, the APL process can be a vital stage in the search for education, employment and equality of experience. People with disabilities find that APL can help break through barriers and offer new breadth of opportunity, whilst for women it can lead to greater recognition and improved career progression. Through the use of case studies and practical examples the authors offer detailed guidance on methods of implementation, staff development and continuing support to help tutors, managers and senior staff make effective use of APL.


1. Introduction 2. Equality of opportunity and the APL process 2. APL and the experience of different ethnic communities in Britain 4. Recognition of qualifications and experience from overseas 5. APL and speakers of other languages and dialects 6. People with disabilities 7. APL and women 8. Issues of class 9. Conclusion Abbreviations References
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