Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance

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September 2015



Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance provides a highly-illustrated, visual introduction to all aspects of sexual and reproductive health, from basic clinical examination skills to the management of acute Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy.
Covering topics which are often difficult to access as an undergraduate or junior doctor, Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance focuses on the fundamental principles in delivering effective contraception and sexual health care. It features high-yield information on the essential clinical topics covered in the Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) curriculum.
Presented in the familiar, easy-to-use, at a Glance format, Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance:
* Provides a quick revision of basic anatomy, physiology and clinical skills
* Offers balanced coverage of both male and female GU pathology, STIs and contraception
* Includes material on practical gynaecological procedures performed in the out-patient setting
* Presents a holistic approach to issues dealt with in this specialty
* Takes a global perspective by addressing SRH issues in different cultures and resource-limited settings
* Includes a companion website at featuring a selection of case scenarios and interactive flashcards for self-test
This brand new title will provide an invaluable resource for medical and healthcare students, junior doctors, SRH trainees and busy clinicians working in other specialties.


Preface vii
Acknowledgements viii
Abbreviations ix
How to use your textbook xi
About the companion website xii
1 Sexual and reproductive health fundamentals 2
Part 1 Principles of sexual and reproductive health 1
Part 2 Contraception 11
Part 3 Sexual health 43
2 Combined hormonal contraception 12
3 Progestogen-only contraceptives 16
4 Intrauterine contraception 22
5 Barrier methods 26
6 Fertility awareness methods 28
7 Emergency contraception 30
8 Male and female sterilization 32
9 Contraception for specific groups of individuals 36
10 Chlamydia trachomatis 44
11 Gonorrhoea and non-gonococcal urethritis 46
12 Vaginal discharge 50
13 Bacterial vaginosis 52
14 Vulvovaginal candidiasis 54
15 Trichomonas vaginalis 56
16 Syphilis 58
17 Genital herpes 64
18 Genital ulcers: tropical infections 68
19 Epididymo-orchitis and sexually-acquired reactive arthritis 72
20 Molluscum contagiosum and normal genital lumps 74
21 Anogenital warts and human papilloma virus infection 76
22 Genital infestations 80
23 Anogenital dermatoses 82
24 Viral hepatitis A, B and C 84
25 HIV 86
26 Sexual assault 90
Part 4 Reproductive health 93
27 Abortion 94
28 Abnormal uterine bleeding 100
29 Menstrual problems 102
30 Gynaecological problems in SRH 104
31 Pelvic inflammatory disease 106
32 Menopause 108
33 Sexual problems 110
Index 112


Catriona Melville is Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health, NHS Ayrshire and Arran
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