ABC Books and Activities: From Preschool to High School

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A creative guide to over 5000 alphabet books with activities, games, and projects that can be used with ABC books.


Cathie Hilterbran Cooper is the district media specialist for Adena Local Schools in Ross County, Ohio. She also serves on the review board for Ohio Media Spectrum.


This valuable paperback will help librarians and teachers appreciate the richness found in alphabet books, assist in collection development, and provide inspiration for imaginative use of these traditional books in both teaching and programming. Library Lane If you haven't considered using alphabet books in the middle school or above because you think they are all preschool material, this book may change your mind...the suggested alphabet books will stimulate the imaginations of secondary students. The Book Report Librarians and teachers who enjoy sharing picture books, alphabet-theme books in particular, with students of all ages will find this addition to the School Library Media series a wonderful resource...a terrific addition to professional collections at all grade levels (preschool through graduate school). VOYA This comprehensive guide to ABC books provides activities, games, and projects, as well as a historical view, ranging from the early primer to timeless specialized books. School Library Media Quarterly
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