Girls: Feminine Adolescence in Popular Culture and Cultural Theory

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August 2002



The Spice Girls, Tank Girl comic books, Sailor Moon, Courtney Love, Grrl Power: is there really such a thing as "girl culture"? Catherine Driscoll argues that both "girls" and "culture" as ideas are too problematic to fulfill any useful role in theorizing about the emergence of feminine adolescence in popular culture. She relates the increasing public visibility of girls in Western and Westernized cultures to the evolution and expansion of theories about feminine adolescence, in fields such as psychoanalysis, sociology, anthropology, history, and politics. Presenting her argument as a Foucauldian genealogy, with chapters arranged chronologically to follow a girl's development, Driscoll discusses the ways in which young women have been involved in the production and consumption of theories about representations of girls, feminine adolescence, and the "girl market."


Introduction: Towards a Genealogy of GirlhoodBecoming a GirlThe Girl of the PeriodFeminine AdolescencePubertyBecoming a WomanDaughters: Theories of GirlhoodSex and the Single Girl: Studies in GirlhoodBecoming Bride: Girls and Cultural StudiesGirls and Cultural ProductionDistraction: Girls and Mass CultureIn Visible BodiesThe Girl Market and Girl CultureConclusion: The Girl of the Century


Catherine Driscoll


"A lucid and original study of girl culture... both challenging and rewarding." -- Emma Liggins, Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
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