"Letting Them Die": Why HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes Fail

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September 2003



"In the old South Africa we killed people. Now we're just lettingthem die." -- Pieter Dirk Uys, South African satirist
Todayin South Africa, HIV/AIDS kills about 5 in 10 young people. Many of the victims areminers and commercial sex workers who ply their trade in mining communities. In thiscritique of government-sponsored and privately funded HIV/AIDS prevention programsin South Africa, Catherine Campbell exposes why it has been so difficult to stop theHIV/AIDS epidemic. Campbell's research focuses on local vectors of the disease suchas what people believe about the spread and prevention of AIDS, what measures theytake to prevent disease, and whether they are likely to seek treatment at local AIDSclinics. "Letting Them Die" is not just an investigation into sexuality, social relations, health, and medicine; it is also a sharp review of the kinds ofprograms that are becoming the standard method of HIV/AIDS intervention throughoutAfrica.


Catherine Campbell is a Reader at the London School of Economics and an External Professor at the University of Natal.


"Arguably the most important practitioner critique to have appeared inrecent years... a landmark book.... I salute the author's intellectual honesty." --Anthropology in Action
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