Modern Book of Dream Interpretation

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This new book by Cassandra Eason benefits from her strong psychological training and deep understanding of the workings of the mind. Her's is a proactive approach to the work of understanding dreams and their meanings.


The World of Dreams, 7; Chapter 1 Understanding Your Dreams, 11; Chapter 2 Celebrity Dreams, 23; Chapter 3 Learning to Control Your Dreams, 27; Chapter 4 Exploring the World of Dreams, 35; Chapter 5 Your Dream Lover, 42; Chapter 6 Psychic Dreams, 51; A to Z of Dream Meanings, 61; A, 62; B, 71; C, 84; D, 102; E, 116; F, 125; G, 137; H, 146; I, 155; J, 162; K, 168; L, 174; M, 187; N, 198; O, 204; P, 213; Q, 225; R, 230.


Cassandra is one of our most prolific and popular authors, covering many aspects of mind, body and spirit. She taught for ten years before her then three-year old son changed the course of her life by experiencing a vision of his father involved in a motorcycle accident. This encouraged Cassandra to investigate the psychic experiences of children and led to her first book, The Psychic Power of Children. Since then, she has gone on to write over 50 books and has even been Channel 4's Big Brother dream interpreter! A dedicated White Witch and Druidess, Cassandra currently lives on the Isle of Wight. Cassandra has written many books for Foulsham, including: Cassandra Eason's Complete Book of Natural Magic Cassandra Eason's Complete Book of Spells Cassandra Eason's Modern Book of Dream Interpretation Contact Your Spirit Guides to Enrich Your Life Crystal Healing Every Woman a Witch Fragrant Magic Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magic Spells Psychic Power of Children A Year and a Day in Magick

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