Win the Interview, Win the Job

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Designed to easily prepare job seekers for all types of job interviews, this book is packed with solid advice, including how to best prepare for different types of interviews, handle stress, observe etiquette, gather information, formulate key questions, rehearse tough questions, dress appropriately, listen effectively, respond to a job offer, negotiate a salary figure, and handle the critical post-interview period. Stresses the importance of preparation at each stage of the job interview.


Truth About Job Interviews; What's Your IQ for Success; 25 Interview Myths and Realities; Make Sure You Do First Things First; Expect to Encounter Multiple Interviews; Network Your Way to Job Interviews; Prepare for Job Interviews; Start the Interview Right; Communicate Positive Non-verbal Messages; Manage the Verbal Interchange; Negotiate Your Best Salary; What to Do When It's Almost Over; Maxims for Effective Interviewing; Index.
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Untertitel: Outshine the Competition with Great Preparation and Skill. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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