The Law and Practice of International Territorial Administration: Versailles to Iraq and Beyond

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September 2010



Dr Carsten Stahn traces the historical background, practice and legal challenges of international territorial administration.


Introduction; Part I. The Historical and Social Context of International Territorial Administration: Introduction; 1. The concept of internationalisation; 2. The mandate system of the League of Nations; 3. The United Nations trusteeship system; 4. Post-war occupation; 5. UN territorial administration and the tradition of peace-maintenance; Conclusion - international territorial administration: an independent device with a certain normative heritage; Part II. The Practice of International Territorial Administration - A Retrospective: Introduction; 6. International territorial administration as a means of dispute settlement - the post-war experiments of the League of Nations and the United Nations; 7. From the post-war period to the end of the Cold War: the use of international territorial administration as an ad hoc device; 8. The systematisation of international governance; 9. The 'light footprint' and beyond; 10. A conceptualisation of the practice; Part III. The Foundations of International Territorial Administration: 11. The legality of international territorial administration; 12. The legitimacy of international territorial authority; Part IV. A Typology of Problems Arising Within the Context of International Territorial Administration: 13. The legal status of the administered territory; 14. The status of international administering authorities; 15. The exercise of regulatory authority within the framework of international administrations; 16. The relationship with domestic actors; Part V. International Territorial Administration at the Verge of the 21st Century - Achievements, Challenges and Lessons Learned: 17. Strong on concept, imperfect in practice: international territorial administration as a policy device; 18. International territorial administration and normative change in the international legal order.


Dr Carsten Stahn is a Reader in Public International Law and International Criminal Justice at the School of Law, Swansea University. He was previously Associate Legal Advisor at the International Criminal Court and Visiting Research Fellow at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Leiden University.


'... an outstanding contribution to international security and co-operation which combines problem-oriented analysis of international law and practice, excellent writing, and convincing considerations of challenges for good governance on the way ahead.' 2009 Ciardi Prize Jury 'Stahn provides a detailed exploration of the legal problems that arise in the practice of administration ... Carsten Stein immerses the reader in a detailed account of the law and practice of international territorial administration ... a rich source ...' The Journal of ICLQ
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