Changing How We Teach and Learn with Handheld Computers

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Dezember 2004



`Crystal clear examples that are rich in content and aligned to standards from a leading expert in the field' - Alan November, Author and Consultant

Create a dynamic, interactive environment that extends beyond the classroom!

In this digital era, how can educators seamlessly incorporate technology into everyday classroom use? What tools will empower students, promote digital equity, and extend thoughtful learning? In this book, teachers learn how to build learning experiences that use technology to support thinking, data analysis, and information retrieval and sharing for standards-linked learning both in and beyond the classroom.

Changing How We Teach and Learn With Handheld Computers shows how handheld computing can help students grow in academic understanding. These tools enable students to collaborate and network while promoting the extension of learning beyond the classroom.

Carolyn Staudt, a leading expert in technology integration, gives educators practical applications through:

- Learning activities in all content areas
- Advice on downloading student friendly software
- Beaming and data sharing tips
- Step-by-step processes for manipulating and displaying data
- Case studies from classrooms already employing handhelds

Handheld devices are already a part of the students' world. Now educators can embrace this technology and create a powerful learning environment that leaves no student behind.


About the Author
Foreword - Allan November
1. Handheld Computers as Educational Tools
2. Organizing and Planning
Daily Log
Around the World in Eight Days
Displaying Student Models
3. Referencing Information
Spelling Bee
Chemical Periodicity
Starry Sky
4. Data Gathering
Surveying Homework Practices
Fitness for Life
The Pickle Pond Study
5. Manipulating and Displaying Data
Frequent Sines
Rate of Change
Field Guide
6. Communicating and Collaborating
Viking Times Project
What If Builder
Continuous Water Cycle
7. Individual Learning and Assessment
Impacting the World's Resources
Team Check List
Concept Journaling
8. Empowering Teachers



Carolyn Staudt is a curriculum designer for technology- and Internet-based projects, including Technology Enhanced Elementary and Middle School Science (TEEMSS 1 & 2), JASON Academy, Modeling Across the Curriculum, Models and Data, Mobile Inquiry Computing, Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT), Science Learning in Context (SliC), Virtual High School, Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE), Kids as Global Scientists (KGS), and NetAdventure at the Concord Consortium. She is especially intrigued with allowing students to collect real-time data with portable sensors and probes attached to desktop and handheld computers. She has designed professional development that includes implementation of technology into the classroom curriculum, teacher and student utilization of existing software, design of tailored activities, and manipulation of software up to, and including, scripting as vice president of KidSolve, Inc. She has 20 years of experience teaching science and math, including physics, chemistry, geoscience, and space science. She holds a master's of education in Curriculum and Instruction in Science from Kent State University. She was a Christa McAuliffe Fellow in 1990 and the Fairlawn, Ohio, Citizen of the Year in 1991.


"Crystal clear examples that are rich in content and aligned to standards...from a leading expert in the field."
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