Fearless Editing:: Crafting Words and Images for Print, Web, and Public Relations

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Oktober 2004



"Fearless Editing" clearly articulates the basic concepts underlying editing techniques and demonstrates their application for newspapers, public relations, magazines and Web pages. This text takes a conceptual approach that integrates verbal skills with visual elements. Unlike other texts that are clearly designed for print, this book includes multi-media applications in every chapter.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Concepts: A Time for Editing. 2. Priority: Shaping Stories on the Page. 3. Clarity: The Poetic Heading. 4. Working with Words-- and Their Writers. 5. Shaping Beautiful Writing. 6. Components of Story Packages. 7. Editing Images. 8. Color. 9. Typography. 10. Clarity with Data: Informational Graphics. 11. Layout and Design. 12. Balancing Community Interests: Ethics and Law.
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