Restructuring the Philadelphia Region: Metropolitan Divisions and Inequality

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August 2008



Presents the investigations about metropolitan inequalities in America's large urban regions. This title discovers the special patterns of opportunity in greater Philadelphia, a sprawling, complex metropolitan region consisting of over 350 separate localities. It also portrays the region's uneven development.


Introduction Expanding the Focus; 1 Expansion, Decline, and Geographies of Inequality; 2 Employment Opportunity; 3 Housing Opportunity; 4 Educational Opportunity; 5 The Region's Communities and the Value Proposition; 6 Who Takes Responsibility for Addressing Inequality?Appendix 1 Constructing the Community Typology; Appendix 2 NAICS Coding for Industrial Classification; Appendix 3 Lowest and Highest Achieving Districts: Organizational and Housing CharacteristicsNotes; Index


""By redefining what it means to be a city, this book takes urbanists well into the 21st century. Using the Philadelphia metropolis as an elaborate case study, the authors show us that cities cannot be fully understood apart from their regions, that regions unconsciously govern themselves, and that education, housing, and employment are vital for a region's future. With a keen eye and refreshing insights, the authors have brought the study of the metropolis to a new level and one which should serve as a model for other scholars.""
--Hank V. Savitch, Brown and Williamson Distinguished Research Professor, University of Louisville, Urban & Public Affairs
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