Spider Dance: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes

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September 2005



Lured back to America by daredevil reporter Nelly Bly to pursue the most notorious woman of the 19th century, Irene Adler uncovers along the way murderous conspiracies, a lost treasure, and the full, shocking secret of her birth.


Spider Dance continues Carole Nelson Douglas's acclaimed adventures of Irene Adler. The first book in the series, Good Night, Mr. Holmes, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, won an American Mystery Award for Best Novel of Romantic Suspense, and a Romantic Times Best Historical Romantic Mystery Award. Carole Nelson Douglas is also the author of the bestselling contemporary Midnight Louie mystery series. She resides in Fort Worth, Texas.


"To do justice to this remarkable heroine and her keen perspective on the male society in which she must make her independent way, the author adopts a saucy style and a delicious sense of humor."--The New York Times on Good Night, Mr. Holmes
"As a Sherlockian and a Ripperologist, I found Chapel Noir as stimulating and satisfying as whiskey-and-soda and three pipes of shag on a foggy night. Brava!"-Loren D. Estleman
"Carole Nelson Douglas gives us a chilling crime perfectly suited to the unique talents of her inspired heroine."--Jayne Ann Krentz on Chapel Noir
"A story of spine-tingling suspense and dark intrigue... Just take my advice, and read it with all the lights on."--Kay Hooper on Chapel Noir
"With Chapel Noir, Carole Nelson Douglas proves she's a master of the historical detective novel."--Gayle Lynds
"This is a sumptuous read."--Romantic Times (4 1/2 stars, Top Pick) on Castle Rouge
"Ms. Douglas's plot ingenuity remains fresh and amusing, and for all its fanciful turns, the action never loses its jaunty, high-heeled pace." --The New York Times on Irene at Large
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