Explorations in World Literature: Readings to Enhance Academic Skills

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Juli 1998



Authentic world literature provides the source material for students to enhance their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.


1: The Huluppu-Tree from Ianna, Queen of Heaven and Earth; 2: Genesis (Chapters 1 and 2) from the Old Testament; 3: From the Odyssey; 4: From Antigone from The Theban Plays; 5: From Read Thread Maiden; 6: Bisclavret from The Lais of Marie de France; 7: From The Miller's Tale from The Canterbury Tales; 8: From Romeo and Juliet; 9: Romantic Poetry; 10: Ain't I a Woman? 11: From Oliver Twist; 12: From The Turn of the Screw; 13: From Uncle Vanya; 14: From Roman Fever; 15: From The Metamorphosis; 16: From O Pioneers! 17: From Rickshaw; 18: From Things Fall Apart; 19: From Out of Africa; 20: From The Woman in the Dunes; 21: From Chronicle of a Death Foretold; 22: From Boys and Girls; 23: From Fire on the Mountain; 24: From The Thief and the Dogs; 25: From Flowers from the Volcano; 26: From Praisesong for the Widow
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