Transformational Leadership

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The purpose of Himelhoch's study was to begin to understand the ways physical fitness connects to transformational leadership behaviors. Study participants were leaders from a variety of professions, all of whom are avid exercisers. The fact that these leaders are ardent exercisers provisioned the examination of physically-fit leaders because their fitness levels are at the higher end of an exercise-intensity range. The results suggest mind-body connections in which physically-fit leaders use transformational approaches to their leadership. Participants serve as role models to their employees, consistent with the idealized influence dimension of transformational leadership. Their perspectives align well with intellectual stimulation, as they aim to stimulate creativity and innovation. Participants' behavior is consistent with individual consideration, and in a manner unique to HIIT because they use measurement as a motivational tool. The HIIT leaders in this study work to convey an encouraging and moving vision, consistent with inspirational motivation. Rich quotes from these leaders give deep insight into these connections. Future research directions are suggested.


Carol Himelhoch, PhD, (The University of Michigan) is Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. Her management experience spans Tier 1 automotive manufacturing operations, marketing, advertising, and retail management. She has been active in consulting since the mid- 1980s and is co-owner of NeoLogix, LLC. She has practiced high-intensity exercise since 2005.
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