Human Resource Policies and Procedures for Nonprofit Organizations

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Get the tools you need to build a successful human resource management system!
Learn about organizational policies and procedures, nondiscrimination/affirmative action, recruitment, hiring, termination, compensation, supervision, employment conditions, administration, and volunteer policies--the framework for developing a comprehensive human resource management system for paid employees, volunteer workers, and outsourced work. This practical guide has handy features like a customizable CD-ROM full of sample policies, procedures, and forms that can be easily adapted to individual nonprofit organizations of any size, and it uses checklists extensively, enabling you to perform a step-by-step implementation of a complete, up-to-date human resource management system.


Preface. Chapter 1. Organization Policies. Chapter 2. Nondiscrimination. Chapter 3. Recruitment, Hiring, and Termination. Chapter 4. Compensation Policies. Chapter 5. Supervision. Chapter 6. Employment Conditions. Chapter 7. Administration. Chapter 8. Volunteer Policies. Chapter 9. Client and Client Services Policies. Appendix A. The Human Resource Cycle of Activities. Appendix B. Action Steps for Attracting and Retaining Quality Personnel. Appendix C. Rate Yourself as a Volunteer Motivator. Appendix D. Providing a Motivating Environment. Appendix E. Administrative Simplification Under HIPAA: National Standards for Transactions, Security, and Privacy. Index.


CAROL L. BARBEITO is the founder and President of CLB & Associates, a consulting and training firm, since 1990. She has spent twenty-eight years as executive manager for a variety of nonprofit organizations, and for eighteen of those years she was an executive of organizations dedicated to building the capacity of other nonprofit organizations. She also founded the Applied Research & Development Institute International and served as its president for the 1990s. An international speaker on governance, human resource management, planning, resource development, capacity building, and applied research, she has published in such publications as the NonProfit Times and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, among others.
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