Helping the Stork: The Choices and Challenges of Donor Insemination

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Oktober 1997



Childless couples and single women are in greater need than ever of an informative, complete, and supportive book on the subject of donor insemination. This book provides the informative they need when considering this option.


A Note on Terminology. Introduction. Chapter One - Family Building: DI as an Option. Chapter Two - Facing Tough Choices. Chapter Three - Understanding Your Donor Options. Chapter Four - Getting Started. Chapter Five - Trying Times: When Donor Insemination Takes Its Time. Chapter Six - Becoming Pregnant: Shock, Relief, Fear, and Joy. Chapter Seven - Growing with DI. Chapter Eight - Changing Families, Different Challenges. Chapter Nine - Guiding Those Who Care: Advice for Confidants. Chapter Ten - Humor in Hindsight. Resources. Endnotes. Bibliography. Index.


Carol Frost Vercollone, M.S.W., became the first clinical social worker to join the staff of the national infertility organization Resolve, and currently offers workshops for those involved with donor insemination. Heidi and Robert Moss have two children conceived with the help of a donor, and share their experiences throughout the book. Heidi created a DI hotline for a Resolve chapter, and earned her degree in social work in order to counsel parents--to--be Robert is a college biology professor and contributor to both science and education journals.
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