Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom: A Guide to Leadership, Teacher Education, and Reform

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September 2006



The change needed in urban music education not only relates to the idea that music should be at the center of the curriculum; rather, it is that culturally relevant music should be a creative force at the center of reform in urban education. Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom: A Guide to Leadership, Teacher Education, and Reform is the start of a national-level conversation aimed at making that goal a reality.


Chapter 1 Music Education Administration in An Urban Setting: The Stone Drops Deeper Here Chapter 2 Surviving the First Year of Teaching Music in an Urban School District: The Music Administrator's Perspective Chapter 3 The Power of Arts Teacher Leadership Chapter 4 Five Simple Steps to Becoming a Music Teacher Leader in an Urban School Chapter 5 I Plant My Feet on Higher Ground: Music Teacher Education for Urban Schools Chapter 6 New Millennium Music Education: Alternative Certification and the Urban Setting Chapter 7 Real World Methods: Preparing Future Music Teachers in Today's Classrooms Chapter 8 Building Bridges: A Collaboration between Elementary Music Students and Music Chapter 9 Music Education Students Teach At-Risk Children Private Instrumental Lessons Chapter 10 Learning to Teach in the City: Privileged Music Education Majors Reach Underprivileged Children in an After-School Music Partnership Chapter 11 Musical Heritage: Celebrating Families Through Music Chapter 12 Creating and Sustaining Urban Music Education Collaborations Chapter 13 Collaboration: The Key to Successful Professional Development for Urban Music Teachers Chapter 14 Restructuring and Partnering in Urban Schools: Examples of Change, Cooperation, and Courage Chapter 15 Learning through Music Creates Learning for Life Chapter 16 Arts for All Sakes: Arts-Infused Curriculum as a School Reform Model Chapter 17 Music in Urban School Reform: Know the Law - Be Accountable! Chapter 18 Music Educators in the Urban School Reform Conversation


Carol Frierson-Campbell is assistant professor of music at William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey, where she teaches courses in music education and graduate research and coordinates the Arts in Urban Schools outreach project.


Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom is not a panacea. No manual on any subject, much less the teaching of music, can provide all of the answers to all of the trials of teaching in the urban classroom. This one is, however, a good first step. Why? Music educators play several roles in their professional lives. These include roles as students, leaders, and partners with other leaders. Sometimes their definitions blur, and the roles vary in sequence and timing. The pace of change in their roles is often accelerated for dedicated teachers in urban school classrooms. The contributors to this book have experienced the thrills and the challenges of urban classrooms. Their passionate commitment to helping others like them by sharing their knowledge and experiences compliments your own passionate commitment to success, both for yourself and for your students. So as you move into the urban classroom, let the music begin! -- Brenda Welburn, executive director, The National Association of State Boards of Education Urban music educators, administrators, and those training music education students will find this book a valuable resource. Comprehensive in scope, it combines real-life experience with scholarly research to provide an excellent, practical guide for dealing with the issues confronting urban music education. I would highly recommend this much needed resource to everyone involved in the profession. -- Natalie Ozeas, director of the Preparatory School, associate professor of music education, and associate head, School of Music, Carnegie Melon
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