Students: A Gendered History

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From the privileged youth depicted in Evelyn Waugh's novel, "BridesheadRevisited, " to the scruffy denizens of "Scumbag University" in the 1980s cult television comedy series, "The Young Ones," representations of the university undergraduate have been decidedly male. But from the 1970s the proportion of women students in universities in the UK rose sharply and has continued to rise so that female undergraduates now outnumber their male counterparts. In this compelling and stimulating book, Carol Dyhouse explores the gendered social history of students in modern Britain, focussing on access, ambitions and the troubled politics of co-education in institutions formerly dominated by single sex colleges and segregated opportunities for men and women.


Introduction Part 1: Access and Ambitions 1. Going to University in England between the Wars: Access, Funding and Social Class 2. Men and Women in Higher Education in the 1930s: Family Expectations, Gendered Outcomes 3. Driving Ambitions: Women in Pursuit of a Medical Education, 1890-1939 4. Wasted Investments and Blocked Ambitions? Women Graduates in the Postwar World 5. Gaining Places: The Rising Proportion of Women Students in Universities after 1970 Part 2: Coeducation and Culture 6. Siege Mentalities 7. Women Students and the London Medical Schools, 1914-39: The Anatomy of a Masculine Culture 8. 'Apostates' and 'Uncle Toms': Challenges to Separatism in the Women's College 9. Troubled Identities: Gender, Status and Culture in the Mixed College since 1945 10. The Student Rag Conclusion Select Bibliography: Works Used in the Text


Carol Dyhouse is Professor of History at the University of Sussex. Her main interests are in women's and gender history and the social history of education. She is the author of No Distinction of Sex? Wmen in British Universities, 1870-1939 (1995).


'In Students: a gendered history, Dyhouse provides a gracefully written monograph on students in modern Britain. It is a rich and rewarding book to read. Methodologically, she offers a beautiful lesson in how to approach the subject as a cultural historian,besides offering a combination of quantitive and qualitative analysis.' - Gender and Education, Volume 19, No 1. January 2007
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