Late Night Shopping

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Juni 2008



Uber-busy Annie Valentine - mum to two demanding children and personal shopper in a swanky London fashion store - is now intent on setting up a shoe and handbag empire of her own, and she'll do anything to get there. But what about her adorable new man?


Carmen Reid is the bestselling author of, most recently, The Personal Shopper. Late Night Shopping is the sequel, also starring Annie Valentine. After working as a journalist in London she moved to Glasgow, Scotland where she looks after one husband, two children, a puppy, three goldfish and writes almost the rest of the time. For more information on Carmen Reid and her books, visit her website at


"A fabulous heroine: irrepressible fashionista Annie is so utterly adorable that you'll laugh, cry and root for her through every trial and tribulation. Forget that hunky big lifeguard - this deserves to be the biggest hit on the beaches" Scottish Daily Record (The Personal Shopper) "A satisfying slice of escapism and more heartwarming than an expensive round of retail therapy" Daily Mail (The Personal Shopper) "If you love shopping as much as you love a great read, try this. Wonderful!" Katie Fforde (The Personal Shopper) "A rollicking tale" Glamour (The Personal Shopper) "A sassy little number" OK! (The Personal Shopper)
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