Carlos Garcia Tolsa, the Collected Works for Guitar

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März 2004



The collected works of Carlos Garca Tolsa (1858-1905) consist almost entirely of characteristic dances including waltzes, polkas, habaneras, mazurkas, and a gavotte- the two exceptions being the sonata Al fin solos and a nocturne called Meditacin. Known as a fluent improviser, the sixteen works included in this volume are apparently all that Garca Tolsa actually set to paper, and therefore the only extant summary of a lifetime of artistic pursuit with the guitar. There is much more in this book and CD (CD sold separately) than first meets the eye or ear.
Salon music of this nature was very popular worldwide in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is familiar to most guitarists through the works of Trrega and Barrios, both of whom were influenced by Garca Tolsa.
Consequently, while Garca Tolsas music is easy to listen to and offers few surprises, its delight lies in the skill with which these pieces were written. In a very natural and controlled way, the music modulates from one key to another, and beautiful bass lines created by the generous use of chord inversions give it an elegant and sophisticated character.
The music itself is presented in clear facsimile reproductions of the original editions (standard notation only) interspersed with period folio cover images. A transcription for 10-string guitar of Beethovens Piano Sonata No. 14, op. 27, No. 2, in Garca Tolsas own hand, is also included.
In addition to the music, this volume contains detailed historical and performance notes plus Spanish language entries on Garca Tolsa by guitar historians, Domingo Prat and Ricardo Muoz.

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