Mariposas En El Suelo

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The fear and the desolation that evaporize from the asphalt and embankment from the neighbor city at El Paso, Texas has turn Ciudad Juarez in a city of notorious fame. The deads, -some of them with names, a lot others without them-, still waiting that someone reply her, deaf deads, dumb authorities. The public opinion has its turn. Is our time to talk, suppose and expose solutions, guilties, ideas. From the elucidations of Watson and Crick, as far as seventies with the genetic revolution and the advances in molecular biology, we reach the nineties, where the human reproduction occupy a niche market of great economical value. New markets open to the new century, thousand of possibilities, the medical therapy based on stem cells is an annual business only in the United States of trillions of dollars, a business that for physicians, scientists, pharmaceuticals and governments don't pass unnoticed, a business that has been obstructed for the public policies of the United States.

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