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November 2002



'From Cuba' expands upon and challenges the traditional ways in which scholars think about Cuba's political past and future prospects.


Tentative Table of Contents; Introduction - John Beverley; Three poems - Miguel Barnet; Cuba: The Changing Scenarios of Governability - Haroldo Dilla Alfonso; The Cuban Literary Diaspora and Its Contexts: A Glossary - Ambrosio Fornet; A Travel Album: Variations on Cubanidad - Victor Fowler; Interview with Tomas Gutierrez Alea: We Are Losing All Our Values - Michael Chanan; In the Furnace of the Nineties: Identity and Society in Cuba Today - Fernando Martinez Heredia; Like Tears in the Rain: Notes on Cuban Performance Art - Glenda Leon; To the Statue of Liberty - Fina Garcia Marruz; Signs after the Last Shipweck - Margarita Mateo Palmer; Three Poems - Nancy Morejon; The Body and Its Politics in Cuba of the Nineties - Magaly Muguericia; The Supervised Party - Antonio Jose Ponte; Shango's Little White Horse - Raul Rivero; Grilled Shrimp Pasta - Jose Prats Sariol; Resistance and Freedom - Cintio Vitier; Alien-Own / Own-Alien: Notes on Globalization and Cultural Difference - Gerardo Mosquera; In Medias Res Publicas: On Intellectuals and Social Criticism in the Cuban Public Sphere - Desiderio Navarrro; Two Prose Poems - Reina Maria Rodriguez; Notes on Cuban Art Today - Antonio Fernandez; Looking at Cuba - Rafael Hernandez; Four Poems - Omar Perez; (text of a performance and photos) - Tania Bruguera; Trip to china - Carlos Aguilera; = questionable
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