The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts

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Februar 2008



Fiction. Carl Watson's novel THE HOTEL OF IRREVOCABLE ACTS takes place in the warped underworld of Uptown Chicago. Two petty thieves, Jack and Vince -- Dostoevskyan in their criminal use of philosophy, exalting in the stealing of art as the highest human act -- meet their target, their nemesis and their double: Madame Little-Ease, a Satanic Grandma Moses, who paints on refuse with polluted blood. "Carl Watson gets the hiphop of the mind in the electro-apocalypse of multinational succubi...He gets the rhythm of it, he gets its deep logic, he gets the insidiousness of its twining round the DNA of our zombie era of consumerist oubliette. Read this book if you want to tune in to the real game going on in the back of your head: the nightmare lives, code exposed. Nobody does it better" -- Robert Siegle, author of Suburban Ambush.

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