The Many Colors of Hinduism: A Thematic-Historical Introduction

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September 2007



Conventional approaches to Hinduism typically stress its classical religious tradition with an emphasis on the Brahmin texts and practices. This introductory text provides a view of this religious tradition, acknowledging a range of its many competing and even contradictory aspects.


Part I; The Nature of Hinduism; A Journey to Mother India; Tongues of Fire of the Vedic Sacrificial Cult; The Swan, World Renunciation, and Upanisads; The Way and the Structure of Life; The Experiential Nature of Hinduism; Part II; Nature of Devotional and Sectarian Hinduism; The Sensual Nature of Hinduism; Embodiment of Visnu of Earth; Divine Play, Madness, Eroticism, and Krishna; Righteous Rama, Untouchables, and Sants; Dance of the Ascetic Deity Siva Feminine Thread; Desire Transformed: Tantra and Saktism; Part III; Issues in Modern and; Contemporary Hinduism; The World of the Goddess: Village Hinduism; Reformers, Missionaries, and; Gurus in Modern Hinduism.


Carl Olson is a professor in the department of religious studies at Allegheny College. His numerous books include The Different Paths of Buddhism: A Narrative-Historical Introduction and Original Buddhist Sources: A Reader (Rutgers University Press).

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