America in the World: United States History in Global Context

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This text examines how larger global processes have had a role in each stage of American development, how this country's experiences were shared by people elsewhere, and how America's growing influence ultimately changed the world. By examining American history through a global lens, Carl Guarneri creates a framework that situates specific American events within the larger realm of world history.


Note from the Series EditorsPreface/Acknowledgments<h3>Introduction: American History as if the World Mattered (and Vice Versa) American History in Global PerspectiveWorld History with America IncludedThe Debate over American Exceptionalism Beyond Exceptionalism: Settler Societies, Global Economic Systems, and Geopolitics<h3>Chapter 1: The New World Frontier in North AmericaWorlds Collide: Native American and European Societies in the Age of ExplorationComparative Perspectives on British ColonialismEcological Imperialism and the Post-Columbian Exchange<h3>Chapter 2: The British Colonies in the Atlantic WorldThe Atlantic System, the Slave Trade, and Colonial SocietyThe Great Frontier and the Great Divergence: America's Impact on EuropeThe "Shot Heard 'Round the (Atlantic) World": The American Revolution<h3>Chapter 3: Making A NationThe United States as a New NationNational Survival on Europe's PeripheryFrontier Expansion in Global ContextComparative Views of Slavery, Civil War, and Emancipation<h3>Chapter 4: Industrializing the NationThe American Industrial RevolutionA Nation of Immigrants in a World of MigrantsThe Debate over Socialism in the United StatesThe Rise of the Welfare State<h3>Chapter 5: The Course of American Empire The Course of American EmpireAmerica's Overseas Empire in Comparative PerspectiveToward an American Century: World Wars and Global Engagement<h3>Chapter 6: Challenges of Empire The Cold War as Global RivalryPostwar American Trends in Global SettingGlobalization and American Empire
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