Popular Music Theory, Grade 3

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Januar 2001



This book is part of an unrivalled series that is designed specifically for students of popular music. Improve your musicianship and gain a qualification. Studying this series will enable you to gain internationally recognized qualifications that are equivalent in stature to those available in the classical music education field. As well as helping you to pass the London College of Music grade examinations in popular music theory, the series will help you improve your musicianship (whether or not you intend to take an examination). All topics are covered in a way that is directly relevant to the music you play, with the focus very much upon how to apply the oretical knowledge in a practical music making context. Regardless of which instrument you play and which ever style of popular music you like, if you have any interest in learning about the musical foundations of popular music then this series is for you!


Camilla Sheldon and Tony Skinner
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