Music and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint, Updated Edition

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Februar 1998



Contemporary or traditional? Blended or seeker? Pop or "classical"? Chorus or hymn? Combo or organ? Questions concerning music in worship abound these days. Is there a practical way to deal with these issues?
In "Music and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint," Calvin Johansson looks to God's Word for principles foundational to music ministry. Weaving together great scriptural truths, he establishes the need for a "directional balance" between pastoral contextualization and prophetic purity. In a time of facile musical accommodation of the gospel to culture, Dr. Johansson suggests that a heightened concern for musical style and quality is in order" not for the sake of music, but for the sake of the gospel.


Calvin M. Johansson served as a church music director for four decades. In addition, he was Professor of Music at Evangel College from 1964-2003. He is the author of "Music and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint," and "Discipling Music Ministry: Twenty-first Century Directions."


"[Readers of this book] will enlarge their understanding of the glorious calling of the church musician to creative artistry that truly ministers. Expressing sound theology both as prophet and as pastor, Johansson rejects music that serves the art (an aesthetic approach) or that serves people (a pragmatic approach) and instead calls for music that serves God (the biblical approach). Such music becomes the full gospel in action!
--Donald P. Hustad, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
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