Regular Variation

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Juli 1989



A comprehensive account of the theory and applications of regular variation.


Preface; Preface to the paperback edition; 1. Karamata theory; 2. Further Karamata theory; 3. De Haan theory; 4. Abelian and Tauberian theorems; 5. Mercerian theorems; 6. Applications to analytic number theory; 7. Applications to complex analysis; 8. Applications to probability theory; Appendices; References.


'The book is beautifully written with an attractive style of presenting main results then discussing variants immediately in a smaller typeface. The exposition is precise and succinct, yet enough detail is provided for main proofs to be verified. Thus the book will appeal to the student as much as to the specialist. With the importance of the subject to classical analysis as well as to the various fields of application, it seems destined to become a classic. Students in need of inspiration for problems will find plenty here as well.' Mathematical Reviews 'The authors presented themselves with an enormous task in gathering material from widely scattered areas to illustrate a single theme. It is a measure of how well they have succeeded that everything now seems coherent and interwoven. For this they deserve our sincere thanks.' Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 'An opera of real analysis ...' Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
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