The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel

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Since its publication almost forty years ago, The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel has established itself as a classic of biblical scholarship. Now regarded as a seminal text in Johannine studies, it provides a comprehensive and authoritative exposition of the major elements and themes contained in this most original and most fascinating of ancient documents. The author first reconstructs the background and intellectual milieu out of which the Fourth Gospel may be supposed to have taken shape. He then defines as precisely as possible the leading concepts which may be said to have determined the structure and arrangement of the book as we have it. The result is a massive achievement, and no serious student of the New Testament can afford to ignore this study's findings. The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel represents the culmination of a lifetime's reflection on its subject by one of this century's most distinguished New Testament scholars, and will continue to stimulate and provoke a new generation of readers.


Part I. The Background: 1. The setting in early Christianity; 2. The higher religion of Hellenism: the Hermetic literature; 3. Hellenistic Judaism: Philo of Alexandris; 4. Rabbinic Judaism; 5. Gnosticism; 6. Mandaism; Part II. Leading Ideas: 7. Symbolism; 8. Eternal life; 9. Knowledge of God; 10. Truth; 11. Faith; 12. Union with God; 13. Light, glory, judgment; 14. Spirit; 15. Messiah; 16. Son of man; 17. Son of God; 18. Logos; Part III. Argument and Structure: 19. The Proem: prologue and testimony; 20. The book of signs; 21. The book of the passion; Appendix; Index locorum; Index nominum.


'A challenge from one of the leading and most universally read of the English biblical scholars of today, which cannot be ignored, on the question of the theological meaning and historical value of the Gospel of St John ... to which the future will undoubtedly be indebted for much illumination.' The Listener 'A monument of erudition and a fascinating exposition of some aspects of St John ... the indispensable work for every serious student of the Gospel.' Professor G. W. H. Lampe, Church of England Newspaper 'An erudite volume which is of essential importance for all who study this Gospel closely. In recent years many scholars have affirmed the pervasive influence of Hellenistic religious thought upon the Evangelist's presentation of the story and teaching of Jesus, but no one has treated this question so comprehensively and with so much detail ... There cannot be any doubt that here is a work of first rank.' Cambridge Review
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