Dilemmas of the Dollar: Economics and Politics of United States International Monetary Policy: Economics and Politics of United States Interna

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An examination of the role of the dollar in the global financial system which presents a long-term historical perspective on the international monetary system in this century. The main focus is on the evaluation of the global financial system in the post-war period.


This book provides a fresh approach to understanding the American combat soldier's experience in Vietnam. It integrates such topics as the political culture, the experiences of training, the actual Vietnam experience, and the 'homecoming', and offers a remarkable overview of the 870,000 'grunts' who bore the brunt of the fighting in the jungles and highlands of South Vietnam, and eventually Cambodia and Laos. The book addresses many of the stereotypes of the Vietnam combat veteran that have been perpetrated in popular culture, and also considers how Vietnam veterans have been commemorated through memorials and other means, and how the veterans remember each other. Coverage also includes women who served in or near the front lines as well as on the home front. The author draws on memoirs and oral histories including his personal interviews with veterans, but the book conveys a picture of the Vietnam combat soldier's experience far more powerful than what individual memoirs can provide.
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