Holy Feast and Holy Fast

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Januar 1988



Explores the ways in which food practices enabled women to exert control within the family and to define their religious vocations. This title describes what women meant by seeing their own bodies and God's body as food and what men meant when they too associated women with food and flesh.


Foreword Note on the Text Author's Note The Boston Poems Cups 1-12 The Park The Faerie Queene The Moth Poem Image-Nations -4 Les Chimeres Charms Great Companion: Pindar Image-Nations 5-14 and Uncollected Poems Streams I Syntax Pell Mell Great Companion: Robert Duncan Streams II Exody Notes Great Companion: Dante Alighiere Wanders So Oh! Afterword Index of Titles and First Lines


Caroline Walker Bynum is Western Medieval History Professor Emerita School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study.


"A rich, positive and thoughtful description of the way some medieval women managed to control and develop their own subjectivities and social roles."--"Women's Review of Books
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