Whale Riding Weather

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Januar 1994



A faded queen finds his life slipping away when his young lover meets a new man. Cast of 3 men.


Bryden MacDonaldBryden MacDonald is a playwright, director, dramaturge, and teacher. His published plays are "Whale Riding Weather," "The Weekend Healer," and "Divinity Bash/nine lives." His latest play, "With Bated Breath," premiered at Montreal's Centaur Theatre in April 2009. He has created and directed theatrical interpretations of the words and music of Leonard Cohen ("Sincerely a Friend"), Carol Pope & Rough Trade ("Shaking the Foundations"), and Joni Mitchell ("When All the Slaves Are Free"). He has taught and coached students at The National Theatre School of Canada and McGill University, served as resident dramaturge at Playwrights Workshop Montreal, and was the mentoring director for Imago Theatre's Inaugural Directors' Gym. He has conducted workshops or been artist-in-residence or guest artist at a number of theatres and festivals across the country, including The Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Factory Theatre, and Neptune Theatre. He has sat on juries at The Canada Council and been a member of the board of directors for The Quebec Drama Federation. He is happy to be making his home in Nova Scotia again.
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