Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Small Groundworks, Landscaping and Gardening

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Useful for contractors and small businesses carrying out small works, this book contains information on rates, each broken down to labour, material overheads and profit. It focusses on garden maintenance work on blocks of flats and individual houses, schools and sports fields, garden makeovers, and, laying patios and paths.


Introduction Part 1: Soft landscaping Part 2: Hard landscaping Part 3: Groundworks Part 4: Approximate estimating Part 5: Tools and equipment hire Part 6: Business matters Part 7: General construction data Part 8: English/Latin plant names Index


Bryan Spain is a consultant quantity surveyor who specialises in building and civil engineering costs. He has worked in local government, private practice and contracting organisations. He has also written over 50 books, mainly on construction costs.
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