A New Australia: Citizenship, Radicalism and the First Republic

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The 1890s in Australia were a time of social and industrial upheaval. They also nurtured a flourishing radical culture: anarchists, socialists, single taxers, feminists and republicans. This book, informed by feminist and cultural studies, recreates that political and social vision and shows the radicals' influence, and their resonances in the 1990s.


Introduction; 1. 'A world apart': Class, culture and the language of radicalism; 2. The politics of reading: belief, ideology and the transmission of knowledge; 3. 'Within cooee distance of the millennium': the rise and fall of radical politics; 4. 'The new Arcadia': communal settlements on the land; 5. Poverty and protest: the culture and politics of mass unemployment; 6. 'A citizen first': women, socialism and the politics of gender.


' ... a valuable contribution to an emerging body of historiography that re-appraises some of the heroic elements of an emergent Australian identity ... A New Australia also has much to say about the present, which is suely one of the marks of truly significant historical scholarship.' Andrew Messner, Journal of Australian Colonial History ' ... a remarkably fine book ... Author and publisher are to be congratulated on a finely crafted text in a well-made book. Henceforth, no bibliography on the 1890s will be complete without it.' Peter Love, Australian Historical Studies
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