The Real Worlds of Welfare Capitalism

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September 2006



This book traces how individuals fare over time in each of the three principal types of welfare state.


Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; Part I. Setting the Scene: 2. Reasons for welfare; 3. Alternative institutional designs; 4. National embodiments; 5. Background expectations; 6. Testing the theories with panels; Part II. One Standard of Success: External Moral Criteria: 7. Promoting efficiency; 8. Reducing poverty; 9. Promoting equality; 10. Promoting integration; 11. Promoting stability; 12. Promoting autonomy; Part III. Another Standard of Success: Internal Institutional Criteria: 13. The United States as a liberal welfare regime; 14. The Netherlands as a social democratic welfare regime; 15. Germany as a corporatist welfare regime; 16. Conclusions; Appendix tables; References; Index.


"...a distinctive and important book." Robert M. Solow, The New York Review of Books "...significant contribution of this book is its clear elaboration of the social and political values underlying welfare states and how these vary across welfare regimes." American Journal of Sociology "This is an innovative and stimulating study of the difference made by the type of welfare state regime under which individuals actually live. As an empirical study, it provides a major contribution to comparative welfare state research." Governance "This book will engage readers intrigued with the different forms that capitalism can take, and reformers searching for ways in which it can be made more humane...There is much to recommend here...Footnotes provide rich extensions of points of dispute and some alternative views, and useful links to related material...this study provides eye-opening examples of other ways to do capitalism...For a world that seems to be growing tired of neoliberal precepts, this study of other ways to live with capitalism will be most welcome." Review of Radical Political Economics
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