Ephesians: Finding Your Identity in Christ

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Juli 2003



This inviting little guide to the book of Ephesians gets straight to the heart of Paul's teaching on the believer's identity in Christ. People who are new to the Bible can also find God's secret plan for the church. The up-to-date language and interactive style can help readers feel as if Ephesians was written just to them.


Bruce Bickel is an attorney and Chief Operating Officer of His previous books with Stan Jantz include Knowing God 101, Knowing the Bible 101, and God Is in the Small Stuff. Stan Jantz is CEO of He and Bruce Bickel are coauthors of more than 50 books, including I'm Fine with God... It's Christians I Can't Stand and the Christianity 101(R) Bible Studies. As a writing team, their goal is to present God's truth in a correct, clear, and casual manner.
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