The Spire and Other Essays in Modern Irish Culture

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Juni 2004



Bruce Arnold has been one of Ireland's leading journalists and critics for over forty years. These essays treat such subjects as cultural issues, social and political issues, including essays on child abuse in the Industrial Schools, art, literature, and the theatre. Taken together, this collection provides a fascinating history of Ireland's political and cultural life over the past few decades as seen by one of its leading commentators and writers. In addition to a distinguished career as a correspondent for the Irish Independent.


Bruce Arnold is a writer and journalist based in Dublin. In addition to a distinguished career as a political correspondent for the Irish Independent, he is the author of 14 books, including biographical studies of Charles Haughey and Margaret Thatcher, and studies on Irish cultural matters, including a Concise History of Irish Art and works on Jack Yeats and Sir William Orpen. In 2003, he was awarded an OBE in Queen Elizabeth's Birthday Honours list.

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