Paradise and Method: Poetry and Praxis

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August 1996



This book combines theoretical essays, interviews, and symposia responses with shorter pieces on a variety of postwar English-language poets (from Oppen, Ashbery, and Howe to younger contemporaries). Working from a foundation in the specifics of current practice that more overarching theory often ignores, Andrews challenges and extends the limitations of traditional literary criticism.


Position: Index; Text and context; Writing, social work and political practice; Constitution/writing, politics, language, the body; Total equals what: Poetics and praxis; Poetry as explanation, poetry as praxis (and discussion). Verb: Inter-view - (Marjorie Perloff questions); Poetics interview - (Kootenay School of Writing questions); Symposium on/with language poets - (Andrew Ross questions), with Charles Bernstein; American poetries; Lines linear how to mean; We are embodiments of circumstance; Be careful now you know sugar melts in water; Italian poetics today: Discussant response; Revolution only fact confected - A talk transcript. Body: Misrepresentation (on Ashbery); Surface explanation (on Oppen); Proof (on Wieners); Signification (Silliman); Politics of scoring (Robson); Encyclopedia (Mandel); The ham of words (Waldrop); Self writing (Lally); Code words (Barthes); Idealism and illusion (Gidal/Barthes); Social topography; Equals what?; Talks about reading; Self/ideology - Corpses that devour their own flesh (Silliman); Solicitations/keyboards (on/with Bromige); These are not my words (Davidson); Suture - and the absence of the social (Howe); Beyond suture (Howe); Under erasure (Watten); Transatlantic (British poetry); Paradise and method - A transcript.


Bruce Andrews has published widely in the field of poetics and as a poet; his publication credits include "I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up (Or, Social Romanticism) "(1992) and "The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E BOOK "(1982). He is currently an associate professor of political science at Fordham University.
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