ABCs of E-Learning: Reaping the Benefits and Avoiding the Pitfalls

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The ABCs of e-Learning is your hands-on guide for finding the right e-learning path for you and your organization. Written by Brooke Broadbent-an international expert in the field of e-learning-the book is created to be an easy-to-use and flexible tool. The ABCs of e-Learning offers the background information needed to solve a wide variety of e-learning problems. It compares the four basic types of e-learning: leader-led, self-paced, performance support tools, and informal learning. It also includes answers to common problems and will get you started on your road to e-learning.


Tables and Figures. Foreword by: Mel Silberman. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Getting on the e Learning Highway. PART ONE: THE CHALLENGE TO GET IT RIGHT: E LEARNING FUNDAMENTALS. 1. Key Concepts and Terms. Four Types of e Learning. What's in a Name? Choosing Your Route. Making a Determination. The Secret Is in the Blend. It's Not that Simple. Test Drive. 2. Rewards and Risks. Putting Yourself into the Driver's Seat. How to Fail. Meeting the Challenges. Three Parting Tips. Test Drive. 3. Lessons from the Trenches. Military Training. Medicine. Law and B Schools. Business and Industry. Banking. A Glimpse Forward and Back. Test Drive. PART TWO: TAKING THE CHALLENGE: FRAMEWORKS FOR SUCCESS. 4. The Big Picture: Approaches to Project Management. Two Project Management Approaches. A Seventeen Step Work Plan. Components of a Convincing Proposal. Elements of a Comprehensive Development Plan. Ten Quick Tips for Project Quality and Success. The Tasks Ahead. Test Drive. 5. Assessment and Analysis: Gauging Your Organization's Readiness. A Five Question Simplified Assessment. A Quick Force Field Analysis. The Comprehensive Approach. Lessons Learned. Test Drive. 6. Spotlight on Learning: Frameworks for Design and Development. What Is Learning? Learning Styles and e Learning. Gagne on Learning. Five Stages of e Learning. Engaging the Learner to Make Learning Stick. Other Design and Development Issues. Facilitating the Process. A Final Thought. Test Drive. 7. Decision Making Step by Step: Selecting Courses and Vendors. A Question of Priorities. Building Blocks. Making the Decision, Step by Step. Assessment Checklists. Application and Adaptation. Test Drive. 8. Virtual Classrooms: Delivering Courses Online. From Access to Development, Step by Step. A New Role for Instructors. Conclusions About Online Delivery. Test Drive. 9. Champions: Strategies for Leading the Change. Championing e Learning. Managing Change. Managing Risks. Leading Consultants. Getting the Most from Consultants. Who Is Doing What? Test Drive. 10. Value Added and Proven: Measuring and Improving Programs. Evaluation Speak. Issues with Evaluation. Areas to Evaluate. Validation of the Benchmarks. Four Level Evaluation Framework. Four Target Groups for Evaluation. Resources for More Information About Evaluation. Test Drive. 11. The View from Where We Are: e Learning Today and Tomorrow. Examples to Stir Us. Thinking Critically. If You Had a Hammer. Goin' to Kansas, Here I Come. Test Drive. Glossary. End Notes. The Author. Index.


Brooke Broadbent is the founder of e LearningHub, an e learning information and consulting service and teaches a graduate course in e learning at Royal Roads University. He was a senior consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and has worked internationally with clients such as Agrium, Air Canada, Commonwealth Edison, CP Rail, INCO, Mitel, Pfizer, the Department of National Defence, the International Labour Organization, and the United Nations. Broadbent is the author of Using the Internet Smarter and Faster.


"...the wisdom is presented in an easy style and clearly answers the many FAQs..." (Education for Primary Care, August 2003) "It deserves the praise granted by such notable practitioners as William Horton." (Technical Communication, May 2003) "ABCs of e Learning is a comprehensive, practical and ultimately usable book." (Training Magazine, January 2003)
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