A Reply to the Prussian Campaign of 1866, a Tactical Retrospect

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Mai 2010



This book is a sequel to our recently published title, The Prussian Campaign of 1866: a Tactical Retrospect. It is, in effect, the official reply of the Prussian Army to Captain May's theories and opinions on Prussian tactics during 1866. The author, Col von Schellendorf, was a disciple of von Moltke, and the theory behind the words may be regarded as the latter's. Some of the sections in the book include: The column as a battle formation; Our present company column fights, on half-battalions; The duties of officers commanding companies, and the higher leaders; On firing volleys and skirmishing fire; Forms for the "ranged fight" of a brigade etc. Includes a new introduction by Duncan Rogers providing information about the author, and the controversy the publication of this book was aimed at dampening.

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