Juicy Writing: Inspiration and Techniques for Young Writers

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November 2009



Speaking directly to young people, unique stories and techniques are provided to inspire their creativity and motivate them to explore the world of words. Taking young writers on a journey to discover themselves and what they really want to say, this guide explains how to make it juicy and original, answering questions such as "What do you need to begin? Where can you find ideas? How can you make your writing better? "and" What can you do if you get stuck?" This guide will bring out the best in all young writers, with suggestions from the practical--buy a new journal, dust off your diary, find a favorite pen--to the poetic--write hard and fast into the wild land of your imagination.""


Brigid Lowry was born in New Zealand. She now lives there, having spent some time in Australia. In previous incarnations she has been a flower child, a waitress and a school teacher. ..Brigid has published short stories and poetry as well as adult and young adult fiction.


As useful to teachers thinking of ways to inspire young pupils as to the young people themselves. A generous and eclectic mix of stimuli, loosely collected into topics, alongside technical know-how useful to all aspiring writers, I found this fascinating to dip into and something I would definitely use in my English teaching. Books for Keeps
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