Phenomenology and Skepticism: Essays in Honor of James M. Edie

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Oktober 1996



This volume of essays honors the extensive contributions of James M. Edie, the founding editor of the Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy series, to the development of Phenomenological thought.


Introduction: The shipwreck of apodicticity? phenomenology's journey "beyond" scepticism, Brice R. Wachterhauser; On confronting species-specific scepticism as we near the end of the twentieth century, James Edie; Thoughts on phenomenology and scepticism, Robert Sokolowski; The epistemological significance of Husserl's theory of intentionality, Harrison Hall; Association in Husserl's phenomenology, Joseph Kockelmans; On Derrida's reading of Husserl, J.N. Mohanty; Husserl's critique of relativism, David detmer; The constitutional problematics of non-relativity or how to dump garbage in nobody's backyard, Lester Embree; To the things themselves: a plea for a "practical" response to scepticism, Brice R. Watchterhauster; Meditations of a Russian neo-Husserlian: Gustav Shpet's "The sceptic and his soul", George L. Kline; Scepticism and dialectic, Errol E. Harris; The phenomenological tradition and the end of history, William McBride; A crisis of reason? Husserl, Heidegger, and national socialism, Tom Rockmore; Edie's hard-nosed James and the retrieval of the sacred, Bruce Wilshire; Biographical sketch and bibliography of James M. Edie.
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