Beginnernet in Rehabilitation: A Beginner's Guide to the Internet and World Wide Web

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August 1997



Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, Official Netscape Beginner's Guide to the Internet, Second Edition offers how-to advice as well as practical information for accessing the best of the Net -- from news to finances, employment opportunities, entertainment, shopping and much more.Assuming most readers are new to the Internet, all concepts are explained; all related terms are defined. The chapters are short, with explanations of the easiest and best ways to accomplish each task.Each chapter begins with a list of five of the most frequently asked questions. Readers learn: -- How the Internet works -- including choosing an Internet provider, e-mail and file transfer.-- How to master Netscape Navigator 4.0.-- Troubleshooting tips and shortcuts.-- About popular sites on the Net.This book shows how to use Netscape Navigator -- the world's most popular Internet browser -- as the means for tapping into information on the Internet.Navigator 4, a component of Netscape Communicator 4, includes Netcaster, which delivers Web pages directly from the Web to users' desktop. With Navigator 4, users can also: -- Access basic scheduling (Calendar Express) and e-mail (Messenger Express) on their desktop and on the road (through any Internet Service Provider or network that uses Netscape Calendar Server 3.x and Netscape Calendar Server 3.x).-- Browse intranets, extranets and the Internet.And much more.

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