Changing Scenes: Changing Ministry in a Changing Church in a Changing Land

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September 2003



Using an autobiographical approach, Brian Mayne, for many years rector of Down Cathedral and editor of the 2004 edition of The Book of Common Prayer, looks at the changes in the way the Church of Ireland worships and in the way its ministry has been carried on from the time of his vocation to the church's priesthood in 1952 to his retirement in 2001. This is set against political, cultural, and social change that has affected the whole island of Ireland.


Brian Mayne was born in Belfast. He graduated in history from Queen's University in 1955 and trained for ordination at Trinity College, Dublin. Ordained in 1957, he served curacies in Ballymoney and Knock (Belfast), and was in charge of the new area parishes of Knocknagoney and Belvoir (1963-80). After four years as Dean of Waterford, he was rector of the Lecale parishes including Down Cathedral (1984-2001). He has served on General Synod committees for over twenty years and is the editor of the 2004 edition of the Book of Common Prayer.

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