Reclaiming the Commons: Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town

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This book is a lively account of a community working to combat suburban sprawl and discover how to live responsibly on the land. A founder of the Land's Sake community farm in Weston, Massachusetts, Brian Donahue describes the joys and sorrows of farming in the suburbs. He calls for every community to protect its common land, establish community farms, and engaged citizens with the land on which they live.


Brian Donahue is assistant professor of American environmental studies on the Jack Meyerhoff Foundation at Brandeis University.


"Donahue's case that we should try to reconnect with the land is made more powerful because, in one town, he has shown it can work." Paul Raeburn, New York Times Book Review "A wonderful addition to the literature of urban and small-scale farming." Bob Schildgen, Sierra "Enjoyable, stimulating reading for general readers, professional environmentalists, and everyone in between." Choice Named an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine"
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