Reality of God and the Problem of Evil

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Focuses on how we can still believe in a God of love and confront the problem of evil in the world. The author starts by summarizing the arguments so far (from Seneca). He describes the basics and demonstrates that much of what has been written about on the topic of evil is in fact irrelevant or just plain wrong.


1. The Problem of Evil; 2. God the Creator; 3. Identifying God; 4. God's Moral Standing. 5. How Not to Exonerate God; 6. Evil, Causation and God; 7. Goodness; 8. Love and Reason; 9. God, Evil and Goodness.


Friar Brian Davies is a Dominican and is Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University, New York.


"Davies generally argues his case with clarity and humour... what he offers is a rigorous examination of a perennial problem which perhaps more than any other leads many to deny the reality of God. Davies has provided an excellent resource for anyone willing to engage with that problem" Expository Times, 1 February 2008--Sanford Lakoff
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